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"Hotel da Morte" na República Dominicana

“Hotel da Morte” na República Dominicana 1
1966666 (CC0), Pixabay

Three American tourists died in suspicious circumstances in the Dominican Republic. All were accommodated at the same hotel and died at a 5-day interval.

While authorities are now trying to elucidate the case, other people who stayed in the same place make stunning statements about what happened while they were on vacation . A series of mysterious deaths scared Marcos Rojo, a Manchester United defender, so much that he ran away from a luxury resort in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, where he was on vacation with his wife and two daughters. The Argentine had chosen the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Resort in Punta Cana to spend his summer vacation with the family, but he hadn’t come to terms with a succession of events worthy of an Agatha Christie novel. Six have died since April 14, all of them supposed natural causes.

O MISTÉRIO - Robert Ben Wallace, um californiano do 77, morreu depois de beber uísque do frigobar em sua casa. sala. " Ele começou a se sentir mal, teve sangue em sua urina e em suas fezes imediatamente depois, - disse a sobrinha do homem, que morreu 3 dias depois de se sentir mal. No mesmo hotel, David Harrison também morreu alguns meses antes, assim como Miranda Schaup-Werner, também encontrada morta em maio 25th, depois de beber uma bebida do frigobar.Não só eles: um casal de Maryland foi encontrado morto em seu quarto em maio 30th.Segundo as autoridades dominicanas, as mortes foram todas devidas a causas naturais, mas a explicação não convenceu as famílias das vítimas.

“Hotel da Morte” na República Dominicana 2
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“Hotel da Morte” na República Dominicana 3
“Hotel da Morte” na República Dominicana 4
“Hotel da Morte” na República Dominicana 5
“Hotel da Morte” na República Dominicana 6
“Hotel da Morte” na República Dominicana 7
“Hotel da Morte” na República Dominicana 8
“Hotel da Morte” na República Dominicana 9
“Hotel da Morte” na República Dominicana 10
“Hotel da Morte” na República Dominicana 11
“Hotel da Morte” na República Dominicana 12
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INVESTIGAÇÃO E ESCAPE - Como relatado por Raposa A série de mortes misteriosas de turistas americanos levou o FBI a iniciar uma investigação para tentar entender o que está por trás disso. Rojo, obviamente assustado com o rumo que os eventos estavam tomando, após a última morte perturbadora (de Robert Ben Wallace), que ocorreu enquanto ele estava envolvido em uma expedição de pescaria, decidiu antecipar sua partida e fugir da República Dominicana.

Rosa Flores, CNN Correspondent: We have learned from the general prosecutor that the preliminary findings of the autopsy reveal the following: Miranda Scaup-Werner, who died on May 25th, suffered a heart attack. The couple in Maryland, Nathaniel Edward Holmes and Cynthia Day, had internal bleeding in the pancreas and excess fluid in the lungs.

Victims did not know each other. They shared only the same hotel in the Dominican Republic where they spent their holiday. After the overseas press announced their mysterious death, other voices began to be heard.

Awilda Montes, tourist accommodated at the same hotel: There was no acid in the juice box, but I thought maybe it was done by the company in the Dominican Republic. But when I started drinking, I kept him in my mouth for a while, when I felt my mouth burn. I ran to the bathroom and kicked him out. Then I saw blood, my mouth burned, my gums … everything blew me.

Kaylynn Knull, tourist staying at the same hotel: I woke up with a headache one morning. We went to breakfast to see if I could drink some water or juice, try to eat something to make me feel better. But when we returned to the room, a smell touched us even stronger. I smelled of chemicals.

The two people say they have been getting worse: they were sweating intense, feeling dizzy and feeling sick.

Kaylynn Knull, tourist at the same hotel: I saw one of the housekeepers in the hall and I called her to see what was going on. He took only a few steps in the room, then turned back, saying, “I do not do that.” Then he announced the reception that something was wrong in our room.

However, they did not receive any explanation from the hotel management. When they arrived home they went to a doctor and learned that they might have been exposed to organophosphates, chemicals found in pesticides.

So they sued the hotel, noting that the plants in front of their room were often sprayed. The Dominican authorities refused to comment on the couple’s claims because the trial is still ongoing.

Paola Rainieri, employed by the Ministry of Tourism: The Dominican Republic is a safe place to visit. We work together with the embassy to clarify the whole situation.

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