As vistas deslumbrantes do mar da 6 na Irlanda

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Sea Views in Ireland

A férias in Irlanda will certainly not be complete without a scenic view of the sea. This is the best way of enjoying the ultimate experience in Irlanda. The good thing is that Irlanda has a number of locations considered to be the most dramatic sea viewpoints. These spots feature utmost uniqueness and very clear views of the sea. Most of them are falésias hence offering you the best eye angle for proper viewing of the litoral and the general oceano splendor.

Here are 6 scenic sea views in Irlanda:

1. Mizen Head

When taking your drive along the Wild Atlântico Way in Irlanda, your first stop should be at the Mizen Head. It is one of the breath-taking sea views in Irlanda. The place is characterized by a chain of falésias raised to different heights. You can actually go down the penhasco wall and have a closer view of the sea. Before leaving the place, you can take a quick exploration of other attractions like the museu or better still grab a bite for the long way ahead.

2. Penhascos de Moher

They may not be the tallest in Irlanda, but the fact remains that the falésias feature total uniqueness. Well, the falésias are relatively tall since they tower to heights of about 214 meters. That alone renders the falésias an ideal place to view the sea. The best part is that you can walk along the paths at the top of the falésias in order to assume different viewpoints. For those operating on a shallow budget, touring the place in the evening is a great idea since admission charges are lifted. Moreover, there are no dense crowds at this time of the day.

3. Abadia de Kylemore

How about combining both nature exploration and the historical aspect of it? Sounds great, right? This is exactly what you should expect at the Kylemore Abbey. It is one of the ancient establishments in Irlanda since it dates back in 1867. For those with a great gosto para arquitetura, this is the place to be. You will not only enjoy the most dramatic views of the sea but also one of the most unique ancient architectural designs in the world. Be sure to take many snapshots of this place as you might want to retain the memories.

4. Slieve League

If you had the perception that other sea view cliffs in Irlanda are high, then you are very wrong. Sleive League is the place where you will find the tallest sea cliffs not only in Irlanda but across Europe as well. The falésias are unique in the sense that they appear more like sloppy hills and not pointed protrusions. There are many walking trails along the falésias to enable you navigate comfortably and also to assume the best viewing points. Considering that there are no entry charges, Slieve League sea viewpoint works best for any person, especially those with narrow vacation budgets.

5. Fanad Head

The place is characterized by huge sea rocks and a farol that dates back in 1811. Fanad Head is one of the places with incredibly beautiful and spectacular oceano view. This is complemented by the strategic viewing angles for visitors. You can opt to stand on the rocks by the shore or better still request access to the top of the farol. The bottom line is that visitors are assured of the best view at Fanad Head. It might also interest you to know that Fanad Head holds a very rich history with regard to sailing. This is something you can learn better once you visit the place.

6. Milan Head

Though a little windy, Milan Head still holds a high rank as one of the scenic views of the oceano. You might want to carry along your heavy cardigan especially if you are touring the place late in the evening. This however should not deny you the fun of viewing the spreading águas do oceano. Milan Head is characterized by huge rocks and wet grounds especially along the walkways toward the sea. The experience of exploring the litoral of Milan Head is definitely a stunner.


The above crackdown implies that there is a lot to enjoy along the Irlanda'S litoral. The aforementioned sea viewpoints are just but a few. There are still more points you might be interested in. Beaches and hotels along the costa can also play the best places to view the oceano as you indulge. Be sure to enjoy the best costeiro experience before you warp up your férias in Irlanda.


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