hotel para duas pessoas em uma ilha tropical deserta
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hotel para duas pessoas em uma ilha tropical deserta

Destinos famosos perdem terreno em frente ao menos conhecido mas oferecem isolamento e tranquilidade. Embora os preços sejam bastante altos, os turistas não hesitam em oferecer momentos de mimos ilha apenas para eles.

O que acontece quando duas pessoas ficam em um quarto de hotel reservado para um?

Porque o hotel precisa ter todo mundo que fica no hotel. Se você é ... eu acho, mas não me cite, que você pode ter até duas pessoas por cama no quarto.

Eles queriam gastar o férias away from the eyes of the world and arrived on an ilha just for them. Jim Worthington, the American known as the owner of fitness halls, offered his girlfriend an all-out anniversary. “We wanted to be totally isolated from the world. It was the day she was 30 years old, and we did not want to share it with anyone else, “he said, quoted by So they booked a férias on Gladden Private, Central America, in a small, two-bedroom hotel no Belize costa, which was opened in December. “The ilha is so small that you could walk from one end to the other in about 30 seconds. We felt like we were Robinson Crusoe. Você nem percebe que tem o pessoal lá ”, disse o homem.

Because the place is of incredible beauty, the two have promised to come to the ilha frequently. Instead of choosing a holiday villa, tourists began preferring quiet places with complete staff to satisfy every couple’s whim. For $ 2,950 per night for two people, all-inclusive, tourists can book a luxury holiday, having a full ilha apenas para eles.

“This part of Belize is like a box of blue jewelery. Clarity of water is no longer found on the planet, “Worthington said. The hotel‘s employees are two couples who care for the tourists to have everything they need, one of them is a certified chef Le Cordon Bleu, and even provide spa treatments (free massages whenever the guests want).

Embora o hotel has two bedrooms and can accommodate four guests, 70% of the bookings were made for just two people, couples who often celebrate birthdays or anniversaries. In a superimposed world, isolation has become a point of reference for luxo.

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Passar o tempo deitado em uma praia com palmeiras, com tropical águas azuis… Ser naufragado ou pousar em um inabitado ilha deserta pode parecer um…
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